Thank YOu for a Year full of  Celebrations!

Pinehurst Picnic Co. curates beautiful tablescapes for bespoke picnics and social soirées. Our expertise is to find the beauty in the little details of life, celebrating at every opportunity.  

Bespoke Picnics and Social Soirées



"Karla Ann  at Pinehurst Picnic Co is absolutely spectacular! We have hired Karla several times to curate picnics and special experiences for us and she surpasses our expectations every single time. Get ready for an event experience that is truly transformative and magical. There is no one like Karla Ann!"

Bespoke Picnics

Social Soirées

Bubbling champagne in crystal glasses. Crisp crudité and seasonal delights. Blooming blossoms straight from the garden. Soft table linens.  Laughter that lasts from morning till night.